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How does INPP work?

Your child’s journey through an INPP programme starts with the Questionnaire.  Use the Contact Form to request a questionnaire for your child.

Your responses may indicate that the INPP method may well be of use for your child.  We can then schedule an online Initial Meeting to review the Questionnaire.

Assessments take place weekly.  They last 60-90 minutes.  I will go through a structured evaluation of your child’s posture, balance and coordination, plus assess the function of their visual system.   You may get your first Exercise at the Assessment.

Exercises are delivered by parents/guardians.  Although these only take up to 5 minutes each day, they must be done daily and precisely as shown for 6-8 weeks.  They are gentle but powerful tools to support the child’s development.  Your child may have one or two exercises at a time while on the programme.

Reviews each 6-8 weeks allow us to discuss and retest for progress, with a new or additional exercise being prescribed. An INPP programme generally lasts around 12 months.